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What Is Periodontal Maintenance And How Can It Prevent Chronic Periodontal Disease

What Is Periodontal Maintenance And How Can It Prevent Chronic Periodontal Disease?

What Is Periodontal Maintenance And How Can It Prevent Chronic Periodontal Disease


Your oral health is important, and if you don’t treat your oral health with care, you are most likely to lose the ability to enjoy good food. This is mainly because poor oral hygiene leads to damaged teeth. Such a condition is called periodontitis, which requires urgent attention. We at Okun Dentistry tend to focus on the provision of the best possible services to you. 

What Is The Difference Between Periodontal Disease & Gum Disease

Periodontitis is the result of significant gum infection, to put it simply. Gums and jawbones suffer severe harm as a result, sometimes even getting destroyed. Lack of good dental hygiene is one of the main causes of periodontal disease. However, gum disease is a related issue that develops as a result of poor oral hygiene care. The fact that gingivitis irritates the gums is a key distinction between periodontal disease and gingivitis. However, if you have loose teeth, you most certainly have periodontitis. Additionally, it is thought that gingivitis is significantly milder than periodontitis. Smoking and poor oral hygiene are some of the significant factors that contribute to the development of major gum disease. This is followed by crooked teeth or if you have diabetes, you might get periodontitis.  

Why Periodontal Maintenance Is Recommended?

1. Tartar Removal

Periodontal disease is often found to occur if there is plaque accumulation. If left unattended, plaque might lead to chronic periodontal disease. You need to remember that maintaining proper brushing and flossing routines is not enough to prevent periodontal disease in any way. Thus, with the help of proper periodontal maintenance, the removal of tartar and debris that are stored in your gum pockets happens. However, you must need to look for periodontal maintenance in Tempe, which is involved in using high-quality dental equipment for identifying your existing dental issues. 

2. Fresher Breath

One of the clear indications that you have periodontitis is bad breath. It happens due to ill maintenance of your oral health. With periodontal maintenance, you can restore your fresh breath in no time.

3. Beautiful Smile

Who does not like to have a good smile that gets them noticed? But if you don’t maintain your oral health, then it’s not possible. Thus, periodontal maintenance makes that happen easily

4. Improves Overall Health

The preliminary purpose of periodontal maintenance is to be able to alleviate immune gum issues. This is further involved with the reduction of the depth of gum pockets. Overall, it helps you to maintain your oral health largely.

5. Signs Of Periodontal Disease

Periodontitis is serious and causes the gum to get destroyed. If your gums are not healthy enough then it is likely that you will face tooth loss. Thus, you need to locate the potential signs of periodontitis, which are as follows:

6. Bleeding Gums

The building up of plaque in the gum line causes bleeding gums. If not removed on time, the plaque gets hardened into tartar and later creates complexities in your oral health. 

7. Tooth Sensitivity

The presence of sensitive teeth and gum recession is considered to be the major symptoms of gum disease. In such conditions, gum infection also becomes an underlying cause of tooth sensitivity. You might feel pain while consuming hot or cold food items, which is another indication of periodontitis. 

8. Bad Breath

If you have bad breath, then you should assume that you are suffering from periodontal disease. This is somewhat prevalent due to the presence of poor oral hygiene, and some of the signs include dry mouth or heartburn. 

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