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Okun Dentistry is proud to offer state of the art technologies to better treat their patients. Digital “X-ray”, Digtital Pan and “Intra-oral” cameras have been integrated into the practice for better diagnostics. Mounts’n Motion Ergonomic precision mounting systems have also been installed in each of the treatment rooms to allow Patients and the Doctors the ability to co-discover and interact with the Doctors by viewing the Digital images. We have focused on principles of ergonomic science to enhance the experience of patients and doctors during clinical exam consultations.

Utilizing Mounts’n Motion’s ergonomic arms and the latest in digital imaging technologies , the doctor can place the mounted LCD monitor in a chair-side vertical position to allow co-discovery and exam consultations to evaluate the patients treatment needs (as pictured). As a by-product, we have discovered that it creates a psychological component to ergonomic science . Which, in turn, offers to the patient more intimacy in the clinical setting and creates a private circle of trust between the doctor and the patient while reviewing treatment plan options.

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People love us on google
130 google reviews