Dr. Bruce Okun

Meet the Doctor - Dr. Bruce Okun Dr. Bruce Okun

Dr. Bruce Okun was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Living in the apartment building above his father’s dental practice, he knew at a young age that he also wanted to be a dentist. After graduating from the University of Rhode Island, he followed in both his father’s and brother’s footsteps to achieve his Doctor of Dental Surgery from New York University. After graduating, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed at Williams Air Force Base in Mesa, Arizona. In 1974, he and Dr. Leroy Kochert became partners and practiced dentistry for more than 20 years together.

Eight years ago, after following in his footsteps, his daughter and friend, Dr. Amy Okun, has joined him as they practice dentistry together. He is proud and honored to now have her as his business partner. After 34 years in the same office location, he has moved into a new, modern facility offering state of the art equipment.

Dr. Bruce practices general dentistry with a conservative approach encompassing most areas of dentistry. Dr. Bruce is a member of the ADA, Central Arizona Dental Society and Academy of General Dentistry. He has offered free dentistry to the needy and now currently volunteers at a nursing home. Dr. Bruce is proud to say that he is now seeing fourth generation patients. He, along with Dr. Amy, look forward to continuing the ‘close-knit family feeling’ amongst their office staff and patients.