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Oral Surgery

Tips For Preparing For Your Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery
The procedure of extracting teeth is classified as the simplest form of oral surgery. If you require oral surgery, you can prepare yourself to ensure that the procedure is successful without any complications, and get a speedy recovery. Oral surgery requires a similar preparation to other surgeries. Following are six simple tips that may help you prepare yourself:

1. Discuss About Your Surgery 

It is important to know details about your surgery, and you can ask your dental surgeon for a rundown on the procedure, anesthesia, and recovery time. If you are suffering from any health condition or chronic illness such as diabetes, or you take certain medications, you should let your surgeon know. This will avoid complications and reactions.

If you suffer from dental anxiety regarding any procedure, you can always talk to your dentist, who will make sure to provide alternatives. The professionals in Tempe, AZ, are always ready to consult or answer your questions regarding any dental procedure. 

2. Organize Transport And Post-Operative Care

People often underestimate the impact of oral surgeries. Especially if you are under local anesthesia it can impair your reflexes and can make you less steady behind the wheel. It is always best to have someone to accompany you. If you live alone, try to find someone who can stay with you overnight or at least check in on you. If you are given general anesthesia, you should avoid driving for 24 to 48 hours after the surgery.

3. Discuss The Eating, Drinking, And Smoking Rules

Generally, you should not eat or drink anything, including water, for eight to twelve hours before your surgery if you are going to be put under general anesthesia. If the surgery requires a local anesthetic, you can have a light meal one to two hours before the surgery, but you have to brush and floss thoroughly before arriving. It is also important to not smoke for at least 12 hours before, and a minimum of 24 hours after your oral surgery. A good dentist will help you plan your diet before and after your oral surgery in Tempe, AZ.

4. Dress For The Surgery

You can wear short-sleeved, comfortable, and loose-fitting clothing. Especially if you are scheduled to have an IV drip or need to put on blood pressure cuffs to monitor you during the surgery. You could also wear something that you won’t mind getting dirty, in case of staining. Don’t wear jewelry as it may have to be removed for certain procedures. Avoid wearing contacts as you may have to keep your eyes shut for a long time, especially if you are undergoing general anesthesia. Avoid wearing makeup or lipstick. You can use lip balm as your lips may be chapped after the surgery

5. Plan Your Post-Operative Diet

It is important to maintain your diet after oral surgery. You can consume soft foods that don’t need chewing. Avoid spicy or acidic foods that can irritate the gums. You can always have oatmeal or protein drinks to ensure nutrition. Avoid using a straw as it can cause a dry socket which can be very painful. 

6. Know When To Cancel

  • If you have a mild cold, it will be tough to perform an oral surgery as you may cough or sneeze or have a runny nose.
  • Even if you have mild symptoms, cancel the appointment to avoid infecting others. You can always consult the dentist in Tempe, AZ, for advice.
  • If you have allergies, it may not be a concern if you can breathe. However, if you sneeze, it may cause problems.
  • If you have symptoms of the flu, cancel the survey without any hesitation.

Oral Surgery In Tempe, AZ

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