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Bone Grafting

How A Bone Graft Can Help Restore Oral Health

Bone Grafting

What Exactly Is Bone Grafting?

A bone graft is a surgical procedure to restore or rebuild the bones through the transplantation of bone tissue. By transplanting healthy bone tissue, we can recreate bone and sustaining tissues that are missing.

When Is Bone Grafting Necessary?

Bone grafting is a technique that is needed when a patient does not have the required amount of healthy natural jawbone that is competent in supporting the dental implants. This lack of jaw bones can be due to:

  • Development Deficiencies
  • Gum Disease
  • Face Damage or Trauma
  • Empty Space After Teeth Extraction

Who Is The Candidate For Bone Grafts?

Anyone with a missing tooth might need a bone graft surgery before it is possible to set a dental implant. That is true even if you come to our dental office in Tempe & ask for a dental implant the day after you lose the tooth. The socket may be infected, or the lost tooth is the wrong size for supporting a quick replacement.

Many people don’t come to our dentist in Tempe for an implant the same day they lose the tooth. Sometimes there are budget issues & maybe logistical. Either way, the bone loses its mass since the tooth is missing.

Why Does Tooth Loss Cause Bone Loss?

The type of bone that generally gets into danger is called the alveolar bone. It has only one job: sustaining and preserving your teeth. If there’s no tooth, then alveolar bone starts to shrink for lack of work. In addition, the jawbone gets its strength from chewing. Alveolar bone loss can thus immediately lead to jawbone loss.

Remember, dental implants depend on osseointegration to function—that is, the implant has to connect with the bone to form a stable footing for the crown. But, if there is no bone to operate with, installing an implant gets challenging.

How Does Bone Grafting work?

A bone grafting surgery adds thickness and volume to your jaw in areas where bone loss has happened. Oral surgeons in Tempe usually take bone graft material from other regions of your body or human tissue. But in some cases, the graft material may be obtained from synthetic material.

Relying on your special situation, our oral surgeons in Tempe may integrate bone grafting with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment. Generally, plasma is taken from your blood sample and used to improve recovery and tissue rejuvenation.

Is Bone Graft Painful?

Not that is not painful! We perform bone graft surgery in our Tempe dental office. They are an outpatient process, and patients get sedated before the procedure starts & it wears off when the surgery is over. You shouldn’t feel any pain as the graft recovers. Once the graft is done you’ll be ready for your dental implants. A bone graft is merely the first step most people will have to endure before they’re all set to enjoy their beautiful new replacement tooth.

Bone Grafting Surgery In Tempe

When you look to have a dental implant surgery for restoring your lost smile you must have a dense jawbone to sustain the implants. But in some cases because of missing teeth, the jawbone shrinks in & you need a bone graft to restore your smile. If that is the case with you, visit a dental implant surgeon in Tempe for painless bone graft surgery using the cutting-edge approach. Book your appointment today.


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People love us on google
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